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Team Statistics

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  Team Name Team Captain Donation Total
#slackCycleBotsCarolyn Ellis$725.00
#StayFitLucas Woody$70.00
Bangert Bros.Dave Bangert$390.00
Boy Scout Troop 307Rob Wagner$280.00
CaterpillarPhilip Hoy$780.00
Caterpillar DraftMike Tharp$580.00
Caterpillar Tour de ForceDoug Davis$1,100.00
CrossFit UncommonCrystal Deiwert$160.00
Illiana Express TriRich Benker$140.00
Illiana Express Tri IIBrandon Benker$290.00
Krannert Business CyclesMary Laurie$365.00
Lafayette PDGreg McDaniel$160.00
Long Electric/Simplex Grinnell Rouleurs...Thomas Engler$240.00
New Chauncey RandonneursAndrew Waters$430.00
New Chauncey Randonneurs #1Alvin Lee$80.00
Not Dead YetJohn Duvall$1,035.00
Peace by PeaceYon Gamarra$380.00
Purdue Federal CUEmily Truett$740.00
Pushing HarderShannon Mills$490.00
Quadbusters for KidsPat Boling$260.00
R&R RacingBrian Laurie$370.00
Ridin' NerdyDavid Raymer$570.00
Rush to GloryKathy Coomey$530.00
St. Tom'sMatthew Andrzejewski$290.00
Team CASA RidersDavid Hoover$150.00
Team SlackbotsBrittany Huff$150.00
Team SlackcyclingRobert Cumberland$260.00
The KNIGHT RidersMel Davis$1,355.00
The Magnificent 4Todd Evans$210.00
West Lafayette PDDavid VanVactor$540.00
 Indicates Team is accepting new members from the public.
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